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Bart Maris the unbridled trumpeter / centipede of Belgian jazz, important member of bands like X-Legged Sally, Think Of One, Flat Earth Society and the Brussels folk band Jaune Toujours is also no stranger abroad: Synaesthetic Trip (FR), 1000 (DE), Spinifex (NL) or Viktor Toth (HU)... they all work happily with Bart Maris.

In his solo's he explores on his instrument the acoustic and electronic space: moog modules and delays / loop effects manipulate the acoustic trumpet sound instantaneously; the improviser reacts instantaneously. Nothing is pre-defined, all choices made on the spot. The solos are a whimsical change from completely acoustic sound experiments to heavily layered pounding electronic scapes, and every conceivable intermediate variant.

Bart Maris

'Loops', the installation: an orchestra of tape recorders

A sound installation using vintage tape recorders and speakers, each one looping own short sound fragment always made new for every occasion and pre-recorded on audio tracks embedded in various stretches of silence. All of this forms an ever-changing composition of various densities and layers and unpredictable interactions upon which Bart Maris can perform a dreamlike soundscape of improvisations on trumpet. Moers has used the installation as a hotspot to have musicians in the festival converse with Bart and his trumpet musically.

Official Selection as Semi-Finalist @ Los Angeles CineFest (USA) July 2017
Official Selection as Semi-Finalist @ Near Nazareth Festival (Israel) December 2017
Part of the Festival of Moers Germany 2017

Loops: an orchestra of tape recorders

the workshop

What can you do with a couple of well-trained lips, the necessary dose of musical enthusiasm and a handful of drain pipes? You do not ask Bart Maris twice, because before you know it, he collects everyone and puts them in a new wind orchestra. Big or small, thick or thin, young or old, shiny polished or in an old dress: this top musician gives people a guided tour through his copper shop as he brings along more than 40 instruments himself. No signs of 'forbidden to touch' in Bart's workshop, but a workshop full of 'testers'.

For enthusiasts, amateurs, children of any age, the workshop can be adapted to any theme ...

The Workshop

drake & maris

Hamid Drake (3 August 1955) is an American jazz drummer and percussionist. By the end of the 1990s Hamid Drake was generally regarded as one of the best percussionists in jazz and improvised music. Apart from the use of Afro-Cuban, Indian and African percussion instruments and influence, Drake also collaborated with top free jazz improvisers, trumpet player Don Cherry, pianist Herbie Hancock, saxophonists Pharaoh Sanders, Fred Anderson, Archie Shepp and David Murray. bassists Reggie Workman and William Parker (in a large number of line-ups) He studied drums extensively, including Eastern and Caribbean styles and often plays without sticks, with his hands to develop a subtle, impressive undertone. His tabla game is remarkable because of its subtlety and flair.

* Bart Maris (BE) – trumpet / Hamid Drake (US) – drums and percussion

Hamid Drake & Bart Maris

1000: a project of hymnes

The fact that an anthem is a reference point for an entire nation makes an interpretation of such a melody recognizable to everyone. For example, if you include Mauricio Kagel's composition '10 Marches Miss Victory ', you can see how populist elements can be used for very subtle manipulation. Karlheinz Stockhausen called national folkmen "the most popular music you can think of". The fact that many people are similar is mainly rooted in historical reasons, but there are also many folk songs that have a very different character. A workshop is also possible: construction / deconstruction of folk songs for both adults and children.

* Jan Klare (DE) – saxophones & reeds / Wilbert de Joode (NL) – bass / Elisabeth Coudoux (DE) – cello or Marte Warelis (PL) – prepared piano / Bart Maris (BE) – trumpet

Best release august 2017 European Jazz Network

1000: a project of hymnes

Maris & De Pauw

The classically trained coloratura soprano Sylvie De Pauw is part of the prestige Collegium Vocale directed by Philippe Herreweghe and performed on all possible large stages worldwide. Together with Bart she forms this unusual duo in which with great skill and passion for music she explores the unique sound symbiosis between soprano and trumpet with this and explore the interfaces between Contemporary Classics and Free-Jazz, especially in the higher registers of voice and instrument. The consonance of voice and trumpet produces wondrous series of Tartini tones (a phenomenon that is called the difference tone within science) which, because of the austerity of this duo, jumps beautifully into the ear.

* Bart Maris (BE) – trumpet / Sylvie De Pauw (BE) – vocals

Bart Maris & Sylvie De Pauw


Getting lost in small (sound) spaces: Peter Vandenberghe (piano) and Bart enthusiastically dive into an intimate adventure, after 25 years working together in various larger formations (including X-Legged Sally and FES). The duo is looking for more direct musical dialogues in constantly changing sound landscapes with the help of compositions by Maris, arrangements by Vandenberghe and free improvised pieces. The basic idea is a strict acoustic setting, with a focus on dynamics and density - color - texture, parameters that determine their music as much as tonality - rhythm.

* Bart Maris (BE) – trumpet / Peter Vandenberghe (BE) – piano

Bart Maris & Peter Vandenberghe


Compositions of Bart and improvisations of Lode (cello) and Bart between their work for large projects such as FES and Wim Mertens Ensemble created. An exercise in intimacy and craftsmanship. This duo formula is the most tactile, with the most open structure and with emphasis on dialogue. Numbers are dissected to the bone, only the most typical remains: a melody, a rhythmic pattern, an emotion. These are then the guiding principles for interaction between trumpet and cello, a combination that is not so obvious, but generates an inexhaustible wealth of timbre and sound texture that is so different because of the 'whisper volume' with which this is achieved.

* Bart Maris (BE) – trumpet / Lode Vercampt (BE) – cello

Bart Maris & Lode Vercampt