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heleen van haegenborgh: music for foghorns

Pianist/composer Heleen Van Haegenborgh performs solo work, in which a unique fog horn organ sets the tone. Although her music can not be called strictly minimal, classical influences are audible, a remnant of her performances of work by composers like Feldman, Cage and Tenney. She discovered Raoul de La Roche Aymon, a Frenchman who collects ship's horns. She chose 23 - good for two octaves - and had the Frenchman build a keyboard that instruments the horns: a kind of ship horn organ. The composer went to work in Van Haegenborgh: 'Signaux', a piece for piano and 23 fog horns was conceived. Now she plays with the majestic fog horns herself.

Specific locations are chosen to present this project and brings each time a unique character: the banks of a river, a dune, a rooftop, a port... .
Heleen Van Haegenborgh: music for foghorns

gayle barcella cabras

Charles Gayle remains a living embodiment and voice of the great African American tradition; his sincerity and intensity are recognized as unique and absolutely dazzling. Every Gayle concert is the continuation of the great tradition that can still be called "free", but not in the sense of 'free jazz' that some people still talk about.
Citadelic Gent matched the Italians Giovanni Barcella (Marshall Allen, Arthur Doyle, Bobby Few, JJ Avenel) on drums and bass player Manolo Cabras (Toots Thielemans, Enrico Rava, Paolo Fresu, Roswell Rud , ...) with Gayle on stage. The following years they toured through several countries with a well received recording. The encounter of these spirits is always immediate, the musical cohesion and the respect of the three musicians for each other endless.

* Charles Gayle (US) – saxophones & piano / Manolo Cabras (IT) – double bass / Giovanni Barcella (IT) – drums

Gayle Barcella Cabras

brave new maria: aldous huxley in letters and music

Maria Nys born in Eeklo was perhaps Belgium's first Hollywood wife. Her husband was not an actor or director, but the British writer, Aldous Huxley, author of one of the most famous novels ever written Brave New World. The couple lived in Hollywood for a long time, where they formed a close friendship with stars such as Greta Garbo, Charlie Chaplin, Marlene Dietrich and Walt Disney. Classical coloratura soprano Sylvie De Pauw (Collegium Vocale) breathes new life into her story with writer Kristien Hemmerechts, in an intimate and disconcerting performance with text meeting music.

* Kristien Hemmerechts (BE) – text & voice / Sylvie De Pauw (BE) – vocals / Jean-Yves Cornet (UK) – piano (classic version) / Bart Maris (BE) – trumpet (jazz version)

Brave New Maria: Aldous Huxley in letters and music

dikeman parker drake

This trio came about when John Dikeman had the opportunity to create a new group to present at Doek Festival #12. Dikeman went straight for one of the greatest and notorious rhythm sections of the last 20 years – asking William Parker and Hamid Drake to join him in a trio. William and Hamid had been a big influence on John's playing since he discovered free jazz as a teenager. This is a full-fledged and incredibly fresh trio that produces an energetic, spintital and always unique experience.

* John Dikeman (US) – tenor saxophone / William Parker (US) – double bass / Hamid Drake (US) – drums & percussion

John Dikeman / William Parker / Hamid Drake

de groote/joris/van gysegem: european jazz

Bassist Paul Van Gysegem, more known as a painter-sculpturor, was already exploring a new musical language in the early 1960s, sparked by the American avant-garde. Jazz musicians such as Ornette Coleman, Cecil Taylor and Don Cherry arouse Patrick De Groote to pick up the trumpet in 1965. Van Gysegem asked him to join his ensemble and so they became protagonists of the free jazz in Belgium (cfr. their legendary recording 'Aorta'). Their long-term collaboration could not be better sealed than with the choice of master percussionist and multi-instrumentalist Chris Joris, who has been pioneering for decades with all possible ethnic forms, to complete the sound pallet.

* Patrick De Groote (BE) – trumpet / Paul Van Gysegem (BE) – double bass / Chris Joris (BE) – percussion, drums & piano

cd Boundless (2017, eNR)- Best Albums of the Year 2017, Andrey Henkin, The New York City Jazz Record

Patrick De Groote / Paul Van Gysegem / Chris Joris

2000 ft. steve swell & elisabeth coudoux

The band 1000 has undergone many musical developments since it started in 2004 with improvising on compositions mainly from the classical world (Wagner, Bach or Monteverdi). Although composition is always a crucial element in their music, the way in which these musicians work together takes on the prominent and impressive side of the quartet. ("consistently interesting quartet that keeps evolving and getting better with each release." Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery NY).
Over the years, the 1000 developed a very intuitive, almost telepathic musical language with an instinct for form and structure. When drummer Vatcher went back to New York in 2017, the band was shaken up. An invitation to the Moers festival in 2018 and the popular demand forced the 1000 to jump back into action... 2000.

* Jan Klare (DE) – saxophone & reeds / Steve Swell (US) – trombone / Elisabeth Coudoux (DE) – cello / Wilbert de Joode (NL) – contrabas / Michael Vatcher (US) – drums / Bart Maris (BE) – trumpet

2000 ft. Steve Swell & Elisabeth Coudoux

3/4 peace

3/4 Peace was founded by the Belgian saxophone and flute player Ben Sluijs, often remarked to have the finest alto saxophone sound of the Lowlands. At his side are the Peruvian pianist Christian Mendoza and the French bassist Brice Soniano. A trio setting like this is quite original and rather rare. With memories of the more intimate sound of similar trios as Giuffrey-Bley-Swallow or the trio Konitz-Mehldau-Haden, 3/4 Peace has unmistakable a sound of his own.
Trying to describe them is not so simple. Although the three men have a thorough knowledge of the jazz tradition, they are equally inspired in their improvisations and compositions by among others, the European classical music and jazz-culture.

* Ben Sluijs (BE) – alto saxophone & flutes / Brice Soniano (FR) – double bass / Christian Mendoza (PE) – piano

3/4 Peace

sal la rocca quartet

Sal La Rocca is one of Belgium's most in-demand double bassists. He has played alongside Toots Thielemans, Philip Catherine, Steve Grossman, Lee Konitz… After a stint with rock playing guitar, at age 23, he discovers jazz in the early 80's and switches to double bass which he intensively explores on his own, taking as a model Paul Chambers...

* Jeroen Van Herzeele (BE) – tenor saxophone / Sal La Rocca (IT) – double bass / Pascal Mohy (BE) – piano / Lieven Venken (BE) – drums

Sal La Rocca Quartet