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Peter Jacquemyn (1963, Schaarbeek) is a well-known figure on the European improvisation scene. Jacquemyn - a self-taught musician - workd with Peter Kowald, Fred Van Hove, Joëlle Leandre, Phil Minton, Takashi Yamane and Evan Parker to name just a few. His style is very energetic and spectacular, maybe his qualities as a judoka have something to do with this? He developed his own style of playing in which all kinds of objects and 2 to 3 bows are used at the same time.

One of his key signatures in his powerful performances is Khoomi - Mongolian deep throat singing.

Peter Jacquemyn

long string(s): a snare installation

The installation consists of piano strings and portable sound cabinets, each set-up is different, unique and specifique. Long String (s) can be used outdoors or in large spaces like museums, warehouses, theaters, churches, ... The sound is created in the sound box, each string is amplified by several sound boxe., The installation is sometimes meters away from the musician, thus creating a three-dimensional sound image.

Long String(s) is a perfect way to promote and celebrate your festival and a hotspot for musical encounters with the artist.

Peter Jacquemyn

the draftsman

Peter Jacquemyn makes sculptures in wood, draws on paper and is a musician. "I work from physical, emotional impulses, strengthened by the reassurance of my control, baggage, study and experience," Peter writes about his working methods. "In this way I approach the raw tree stump, the virgin sheet of paper or the silence before the concert." The basis of his work lies in drawing. "The chainsaw works just as flexibly as a pen pull. With the saw machine you can draw in three dimensions. As a musician I also cultivate the spontaneous character of the sketch. I am a draftsman in everything I do. "

Peter makes a monumental wall-ceiling drawing during the festival, even with a theme in mind. The audience can see and enjoy the progress live. This creates of course special moments for allocating happenings during and after the process...

Peter Jacquemyn

duo in movement

Dance and music forged into one performance. Sound gets a body. Movement makes noise. Basically all performers speak the same deep human creative language. Free improvisation is the method, each performance is unique. The fundamental coherence of movement and sound results in the sound and choreography, simple and transparent, simultaneously intrinsically and emotionally ambiguous and complex. The action leads the thought, the interaction shows the way. The act is the starting point, the legitimation and the catalyst of the creation and development of the performance.

* duo's with Geraldo Si (BR), Jean-Laurent Sasportes (FR), Frank van de Ven (NL), Sofia Kakouri (GR), ...

Peter Jacquemyn

Basssss & drawing Basssss: visual scores

Basssss is a double bass quintet with members from different musical backgrounds: classical, jazz, improvisation & contemporary. That's exactly what makes this bass quintet so different.

Drawing Basssss transforms paintings or drawings into visual scores for live music and throughh lectures, workshop, live performances ... . You can create - with or without guidance - graphical scores, that can be performed live by the quintet.

* Peter Jacquemyn + Yannick Peeters + Kristof Roseeuw + Lode Leire + Pieter Lenaerts - double bas (BE)

Peter Jacquemyn


Deep, dark and low; FUNDAMENT & Peter Jacquemyn choreograph a small army of bass instruments to explore the lower regions of the sound spectrum, to create an almost spatial audio mass, in which every musician never loses the sound and richness of his/her instrument and to celebrate the underflow.
A concert that will last for a long time and an ideal way to endulge in contemporary improvisation brought by an impressive international crew.

* Peter Jacquemyn - double bas, voice, concept (BE) / Eric Sleichim - tubax (BE) / Yannick Peeters - double bas (BE) / Kristof Roseeuw - double bas (BE) / Lode Leire - double bas (BE) / Pieter Lenaerts - double bas, voice (BE) / Jan Pillaert (BE) / Carl-Ludwich Hübsch - bas tuba, voice (DE) / Matthias Muche - Trombone (DE) / Gregoire Tirtiaux - baritone saxophone, voice (BE) / Mathieu Lilin - baritone saxophone (FR) / Peter Verdonck - bas saxophone, voice (BE)
* also available with live video performance by Klaas Verpoest (BE) and live drawing by Brody Neuenschwander (US)

FUNDAMENT is selected to showcase at the international festival Classical;Next 2018.

Peter Jacquemyn