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FUNDAMENT is a project of draftsman, sculptor and performer Peter Jacquemyn. Jacquemyn's work brings together the world of music and visual arts. Music is more than accompaniment, the visual is more than decor. Peter Jacquemyn is highly appreciated in the European improvisation - contemporary music scene. As a bassist he has a wide range of possibilities on his instrument. In view of his fascination with the voice experiment, Mongolian throat sounds enter the sound universe of FUNDAMENT.

For FUNDAMENT, Peter Jacquemyn brings together 12 musicians from Belgium and abroad, including his former partner in crime Eric Sleichim, Blindman's founder, who has been focusing on a new and exceptional tool, the tubax.

Deep, dark and low; FUNDAMENT & Peter Jacquemyn choreograph a small army of bass instruments to explore the lower regions of the sound spectrum, to create an almost spatial audio mass, in which every musician never loses the sound and richness of his/her instrument and to celebrate the underflow.
A concert that will last for a long time and an ideal way to endulge in contemporary improvisation brought by an impressive international crew.

Peter Jacquemyn - double bass, voice, concept (BE)
Eric Sleichim - tubax (BE)
Yannick Peeters - double bass (BE)
Kristof Roseeuw - double bass (BE)
Lode Leire - double bass (BE)
Pieter Lenaerts - double bass, voice (BE)
Jan Pillaert - tuba, voice (BE)
Carl-Ludwich Hübsch tuba, voice (DE)
Matthias Muche - trombone (DE)
Gregoire Tirtiaux - baritone saxophone, voice (BE)
Mathieu Lilin - baritone saxophone (FR)
Peter Verdonck - bass saxophone, voice (BE)

FUNDAMENT is part of the official selection of Classical;Next 2018.

FUNDAMENT is currently working on a new set up and project with live video performance by Klaas Verpoest (BE) and live drawing by Brody Neuenschwander (US), known from the film 'The Pillowbook' by Peter Greenaway

Peter Jacquemyn


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18/05/2018: Classical;Next 2018 Rotterdam, Nederland
07/07/2018: Gentjazz Gent, België