quarter tone piano projects (seppe gebruers)


seppe gebruers solo: own work

Seppe Gebruers (° 1990) is a Belgian piano player, improviser and composer who is difficult to place in a specific genre. He sees improvisation as a means to make music in which interaction between personalities, space and moment gives added value to the end product.

One of his more 'recent' interests and projects (since about 8 years now) is the quarter tone piano. Seppe plays simultaneously on two grand piano's, one of which is tuned a quarter tone lower. It is a radical way to escape classical tonality while creating an innovative sound in jazz / improvisation and contemporary music.

Peter Jacquemyn

seppe gebruers historical: the futurist Ivan Alexandrovich Wyschnegradsky

The first quarter tone piano compositions by the Russian pioneer show a far-reaching vision of harmony that Gebruers studied and studied intensely. They are still relevant and have a contemporary quality.

He plays pieces from the quarter tone preludes as well as a contemporary response to this music.

Ivan Wyschnegradsky

Seppe, Hugo and Paul

Seppe, Hugo and Paul is a quarter-tone piano trio of three different generations from European improvisation: The Belgian pianist Seppe Gebruers (1990), the Portuguese bassist Hugo Antunes (1974) and the German percussionist pioneer Paul Lovens (1949). It goes beyond a classical piano trio, mainly due to the remarkable use of quarter tone pianos. Apart from the microtonal aspect, the trio is mainly about the interaction with each other and space.

* Seppe Gebruers (BE) – 2 grand quarter tone piano's / Hugo Antunes (PO) – double bas / Paul Lovens (DE) – drums & percussion

Seppe, Hugo and Paul

Bambi PangPang met Frantz Loriot


After their magical collaboration with Andrew Cyrille, Bambi Pang Pang, three Belgian musicians united since 2011 and spin-off from Ifa Y Xango, now invites the French-Japanese violinist Frantz Loriot. Loriot improvises in many international ensembles or different music genres.

* Viktor Perdieus (BE) – saxophone / Seppe Gebruers (BE) – 2 grand quarter tone piano's / Laurens Smet (BE) – double bass / Frantz Loriot (FR/JP) – violin/viola

Bambi PangPang